Vacation, all I ever wanted!!..

Let’s go on vacation. Let’s get on a plane, masks on, and indulge on a first class flight. Here, they know your name, serve us food, and let us watch TV from 50,000 feet up. We are happy. We are even more happy when we touch down to our destination. Clear skies and a beautiful…


Found a new bitch to jam to! Check her out! She is fun, empowering and just good! Do you have any music for me????


I’m doing a feature on my friend Jacki’s amazing jewelry at Creeper Designs. Jacki and I have been friends forever and I always loved how creative she is, but when she started busting out jewelry I KNEW I had to talk to her about it! Okay so tell me about Creeper Designs? Where did the…


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The Time Witch

Wanting a place to call to connect with others, and bring my love for art, witchy vibes, and life things to a space where I can call home. Join me!

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